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playa escameca san juan del sur

4 de August de 2022

Escameca Beach is a biological corridor in which there are 31 protected species and is a resting place for migratory species such as sea turtles and birds. This territory has become a private nature reserve in Nicaragua.

These ecosystems are nationally endangered, such as dry forests and mangroves, which are being heavily guarded by the owners. The property also has environmental water, and relevant scenic, biological and geological features.

This private reserve provides beach, sun and a developed forest suitable for ecotourism. It has an approximate area of 2,136 manzanas, is located in the department of Rivas, a short distance from El Coco Beach and La FlorThe latter is one of the 2 important turtle farms in Nicaragua. (The other important turtle farm in the country is the Río Escalante-Chacocente Natural Reserve)

Escameca Beach is without any doubts among the most beautiful beaches in the Pacific coast of Nicaragua and it's easy to access if you stay in the San Juan del Sur and nearby areas.

Due to its remote location, Playa Escameca remains mostly wild and untouched by man. There are only very few real estate opportunities here, making it an oasis for people looking for that perfect place to live in close contact with nature, but not too far from civilization and modern conveniences.

playa escameca nicaragua

What to do in Escameca Beach?

The easiest way to get to Escameca Beach is through the Costa Dulce Surf Community, which offers free access to locals and tourists not traveling in tour groups. Those traveling in an organized tour group must pay an entrance fee to help offset the costs of road maintenance and other shared services.

Escameca Beach has a variety of amenities available to visitors including Rancho Las Tortugas, a locally owned beach bar and restaurant serving delicious fish tacos, ceviche and cocktails.

Costa Dulce Retreat, an employee-owned ecolodge and wellness center offering beachfront cabana rentals, spa services, daily yoga classes, sweat lodge, healthy food, surfing and paddleboarding lessons.


The waves at Escameca Beach are formed by a beach break and are best for surfing at mid to high tide. There is a river mouth at the south end of the beach that can form some hollow left barrels.

The Beach

Escameca Beach is a beach with nice sand, shady trees, a cave at low tide at the northern point of the beach. It is about 800 meters long and is ideal for jogging, throwing a frisbee or playing a game of soccer at low tide.

There is only seating for people staying in the community or supporting the bar, so you may want to bring a towel or beach chair. The rocks at both ends of the beach are popular spots for local fishermen.

How to get to Escameca Beach?

The trip is about 30 minutes to the south. If you are traveling in your own vehicle, go in the direction of El Ostional, from the center of San Juan del Sur, with half of the road paved and the other half dirt.

If you are traveling from Managua, you must first arrive in San Juan del Sur. You can board a bus at the Roberto Huembes market terminal. Once in San Juan, there are no buses to take you to the different beaches in the area, so you will have to opt for a private cab service in downtown SJdS.

This adventure takes you through Nicaragua's most breathtaking landscapes. Along the way, delight yourself with spectacular hills and mountains full of tropical vegetation and Nicaragua's exotic wildlife.

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