Nicaragua Beaches

Nicaragua is a country with a large number of beaches on the Pacific. However, there are many unknown beaches that deserve your attention. For that reason, we have compiled an exhaustive list of the more than 90 best beaches in Nicaragua. From the smallest to the largest.


List of the Best Beaches in Nicaragua


Find the list of all the beaches available in the Nicaragua, so you can choose your next adventure. We have organized this list by department, to make it much easier to identify the best place to go with your family and friends.

Chinandega Beaches

    Playa nahualapa chinandega nicaragua

    Chinandega is perhaps the hottest department in Nicaragua due to its geographical position. 

    The Chinandega beaches are diverse, there are very popular beaches that are crowded any day of the year. But there are also beaches that are much more remote and difficult to access, but are certainly a magical adventure if you dare to visit them.

    The Cosigüina volcano has had much to do with the formation of Chinandega's beaches. Due to its explosions in past centuries, many of these beaches contain volcanic material, such as rocks and dark sand. There are even some beaches in Chinandega with a more rigid and not so sandy soil.

    Discover your next adventure, this is the complete list of the best beaches in Chinandega.

    León Beaches

      playa puerto sandino departamento de leon

      León is a department with a lot of history and many tourist sites that can be enjoyed with friends, family and even alone.

      It is very hot in this department, so it is a must to visit the beaches in León . This can become your next favorite activity every time you visit Nicaragua

      Leon's beaches tend to be less crowded during most of the year, but they do get crowded during the Easter and summer seasons. 

      Get to know all the beaches located in León here:


      Managua Beaches

        como llegar a playa san diego

        The department of Managua has unique beaches, of great tourist attraction and with great popularity among the capital and nicaraguan population in general. 

        The Managua beaches are in the municipalities of San Rafael del Sur and Villa El Carmen. These places that are only 1 hour away from the capital.

        Because there are many beaches near Managua, these places listed below are crowded during the holy week or vacation season, but are usually very quiet during the rest of the year.

         Beaches of the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua

        little corn island nicaragua

        Frequently Asked Questions about Nicaragua's Beaches


        It is difficult to decide on a short list of the best beaches in Nicaragua. But here we reveal a top 10 of the best beaches in the country:

        • #1. Corn Island
        • #2. San Juan del Sur
        • #3. Popoyo
        • #4. Las Peñitas
        • #5. Hermosa Beach
        • #6. Punta Jesús Maria
        • #7. Chacocente Beach
        • #8. Gigante Beach
        • #9. Perlas Cays
        • #10. Maderas Beach

        San Juan del Sur Beach is probably the most famous beach in Nicaragua. It stands out for the variety of activities it offers to both national and international tourists.

        This beach is an almost perfect u-shaped bay, surrounded by mountains. The town of San Juan del Sur was established here, making it one of the most attractive beaches in the country. Also, from this point you can visit other nearby beaches such as Playa Maderas, Playa Marsella, Playa Mathilda, among others.

        In Nicaragua, you will find beaches on both coasts of the country. By factor, accessibility and proximity, the best beaches in Nicaragua are located in the Pacific region, in the department of Rivas. These beaches are used for surfing competitions, diving, recreation, among other tourist activities.

        Jiquilillo Beach is probably the largest beach in Nicaragua. Its extension is approximately 5.5 kilometers, which makes it the perfect place to host hundreds of tourists who come to this beach during the vacations.

        Nicaragua has more than 90 beaches distributed along the Pacific and Caribbean coasts. But it also includes the fresh water beaches of the Ometepe Island.


        The Popoyo Beach and Maderas Beach are known as the best surfing beaches in Nicaragua. The size of the waves, weather conditions, influx of people, among other factors, make them the best beaches for surfing. Even many international competitions have been held in these places.

        The beaches of the Miskito Cays are, perhaps, the most expensive beaches in Nicaragua due to the investment that the tourist must make. It is estimated that in a group of 8 people, each person must invest at least $600.00 dollars if traveling from Managua.

        The beaches near Managua are:

        • Huehuete Beach
        • El Transito Beach
        • Montelimar Beach
        • Masachapa Beach
        • Costa Azul Beach
        • Quizalá Beach

        It is difficult to determine which are the most beautiful beaches in Nicaragua, since each place has its own particularities. However, among the most beautiful beaches stand out:

        • Gigante Beach
        • Popoyo Beach
        • Corn Island
        • Yemaya
        • Miskito Cays
        • Marsella Beach
        • La Redonda Beach

        The Fresh Water Beaches in Nicaragua are located on Ometepe Island. When visiting this paradisiacal place, you will enjoy the following fresh water beaches:

        • Punta Jesús Maria Beach
        • Santa Cruz Beach
        • Santo Domingo Beach
        • San Fernando Beach, Ometepe
        • El Bamboo Beach

        No. There are no nudist beaches in Nicaragua. Practically, this is due to a cultural issue, where public nudism is frowned upon. However, there are many uncrowded beaches where it is possible to undress and go unnoticed.


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