Nicaragua Postal Code. How to know which is your postal code?

código postal nicaragua

5 de September de 2022

For many online procedures, especially those of an international nature, we are required to provide our postal code in Nicaragua. However, this can be very confusing.

To that end, we have prepared this small guide to help you determine your postal code in Nicaragua:

Determining your zip code in Nicaragua:

No. Your postal code in Nicaragua is not 505. That number is the one used as country code to call internationally.

Finding the postal code of Nicaragua is very easy. First of all, we must go to the following web page of Correos de Nicaragua. In this page you will find the list of postal codes of Nicaragua as shown in the image:

image 2

Using this Nicaragua zip code search platform is very easy.

You can make use of the filters shown at the top. Here you can choose between:

Look for:

  • Department
  • Municipality
  • Community

Or you can also use the search bar. In this case you only have to type the place where you want to get the zip code.


image 3

And so you can easily determine any postal code in Nicaragua.

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