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Nicaraguan Drinks: Popular Drinks in Nicaragua

Do you want to know what are the popular Nicaraguan drinks?

On this occasion, we want to share with you a complete list of the popular drinks in Nicaragua that the entire population enjoys in their daily lives.

Now enjoy this collection of traditional drinks of our country:


List of popular Nicaraguan drinks: Broken Down by Region

Many of Nicaragua's typical beverages are shared between departments, municipalities and towns of the country; therefore, it is not unusual to find a drink like cacao in Nueva Segovia, Masaya, or the Caribbean Coast.


Each of these drinks in Nicaragua has a certain particularity rooted in a specific region. Therefore, the following breakdown is based on the popularity of each drink in each region of Nicaragua.

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Popular Drinks in the Central Region of Nicaragua

Corn Atole

It is a hot drink made from tender corn. It is very delicious with the typical sweet aroma of tender corn that blends with the aroma of cinnamon and vanilla.

Fresco de Semilla de Jícaro (Jicaro Seed Drink)

The jicaro seed drink is a variant of pozol that is presented with corn added with jicaro seeds.


This is the traditional drink of Nicaragua. It is made from roasted and then ground corn - and can be prepared with water or milk.

Corn Chicha

Chicha is one of the beverages made from corn. It is an extremely popular drink in Nicaragua and can have no or a certain degree of alcohol. This is because it is based on fermented corn; this drink is very typical in the communities in the north of the country.


The pozol is a thick drink type atol very consumed in Nicaragua, is similarly based on corn, but is served cold with more water and not hot and thick as it usually happens with the corn atol.


Cususa is the oldest liquor in Nicaragua, it is prepared from the distillation of corn maceration, after a fermentation of four days or more and can reach up to 47% alcohol.


It is one of the most popular frescos not only in the central region of Nicaragua but throughout the country. It is usually prepared with milk, cinnamon, cloves, among other ingredients.

Rice with Pineapple

This is another popular drink in Nicaragua, it is made from pineapple peels and rice and other ingredients such as cinnamon, cloves, etc. are added.


Tibio is a very delicious Nicaraguan drink in Nicaragua, it is made with natural ingredients such as pineapple and milk and is drunk in the mornings or in the afternoons, it is very delicious to drink it freshly made and a little hot.

Drinks from the Pacific of Nicaragua

Calala Fresco

Fresco de Calala is one of the most popular drinks in Nicaragua due to its refreshing flavor, especially in summer time. It is an exquisite fresco made from one of the most exotic fruits found in Nicaragua - Calala or Maracuya. To prepare it, this fruit is flavored with cinnamon, sweet peppers and the rich aroma of cloves.

Oatmeal with milk

Avena con leche is another popular drink in Nicaragua and is consumed in all departments of the country. It is attributed to the Pacific region because it has been adopted in a considerable way by the inhabitants of this area.


The fresh flaxseed is quite popular, and it is also very versatile because in Nicaragua it is usually prepared with different ingredients such as lemon juice or with tamarind.


It is a refreshing drink, especially for the tropical climate of Nicaragua that is usually prepared with tamarind or lemon juice.

Fresco de Grama

It is a popular Nicaraguan drink in the city of Granada. It is made from cooked grass and is usually accompanied with lemon. This drink is excellent for hot days. The Fresco de Grama is a very typical drink of Granada and you will not find it anywhere else in the country.

Cacao with Milk

Cacao has always been one of the most valuable species for Nicaraguans since the pre-Columbian period. In this drink, cocoa is prepared by roasting and then grinding it and then accompanying it with milk and other ingredients. This is one of the traditional Nicaraguan drinks that you will find in almost any town you decide to visit.

Ginger Fresco

Ginger is a spicy element, but when combined with other ingredients such as rice, sweet honey, cinnamon, cloves, among others, it becomes an exquisite drink.


Chilate consists of mixing rice with ground cocoa and sugar, making a very fresh drink. This drink is perfect for people who love chocolate.

Popular Nicaraguan Drinks in the Atlantic Coast

Ginyabeer or Ginger Beer

The Ginger Beer is an exquisite drink that is prepared with ginger and hibiscus roses that are marinated and put to cook together for a while, then let it cool, add sugar to taste, add ice or put it to refrigerate and it is ready to drink.


The Guabul or Caribbean Wabul is a sweet drink typical of the Nicaraguan Atlantic coast that is made from cooked green bananas mixed with cow's milk and the wonderful and tropical touch of coconut milk.


It is the juice extracted directly from the sugar cane during the milling after the harvest and is popularly consumed as a refreshing and energizing drink during the summer months or dry season.

Tualbi or Samanlaya

It is a chicha prepared from the extracts of sugar cane and corn. This drink is prepared for the celebration of King Pulanka in the month of January.


A typical drink of the indigenous people of the Caribbean. This drink is made from the palm tree.

Ricedrink (fresh rice)

It is a drink from the Caribbean coast based on rice, combined with ginger, cinnamon, pepper, cloves and water.

Pinky Pinky

It is a drink made with "guaro", cloves, pepper, vanilla, anise, cinnamon and some coloring.


Sorel is a drink based on hibiscus flowers to which ginger, cinnamon and pepper are added.

Frequently asked questions about popular Nicaraguan drinks:

What are the traditional Easter drinks in Nicaragua?

Due to the heat of the season, the typical drinks of Semana Santa are the natural fresh ones such as tamarind, green mango, pinol, cocoa with milk, chicha, tiste, and cususa rum.

What are the popular Nicaraguan drinks in Nueva Segovia?

Nueva Segovia is characterized by the following typical drinks: tiste, pinolillo, pozol, warm pinol, pinol cooked with milk, corn atol, corn chicha, corn atol and cususa rum; in addition to natural fresh fruits such as Mango, Nancite, Tamarind, passion fruit, among other tropical fruits.

What are the popular Nicaraguan drinks in Madriz?

The typical drinks of the department of Madriz include: natural frescos with tropical fruits, jicaro seed, fermented corn chicha, barley fresco, ayote seed horchata, pinolillo and pinol.

What are the typical drinks of Jinotega?

The typical drinks of the department of Jinotega include coffee liquor, agua loja, pinolillo, and the natural frescos with special mention to naranjillo.

What are the popular Nicaraguan drinks in Esteli?

The typical drinks of the department of Esteli include pinol and chicha and other refreshments derived from corn such as tibio, tiste and pozol. Natural fruit drinks are also popular.

What are the popular Nicaraguan drinks in Sebaco?

The typical drink in Sebaco is pozol con leche. In addition, many drinks with milk as a main/secondary ingredient are consumed in Sebaco. These drinks include pinol con leche, cacao con leche, and atol de maíz.

What are the popular Nicaraguan drinks in Chontales?

Among the traditional beverages of the department of Chontales are tibio de pinol blanco or pinolillo, chicha, semilla de jícaro, cususa and pozol de maíz con leche.

What are the popular Nicaraguan drinks in Chinandega?

The typical drinks of the department of Chinandega include chingue, pozol, tiste, and drinks based on tropical fruits such as orange, cálala, or lemon.

What are the popular Nicaraguan drinks in Leon?

The typical drinks of the department of León are chicha de maíz and negrito, atol rosado, chibolas, atol de maíz, chicha de cojombro and morroco. Also, being one of the hottest departments of Nicaragua, in Leon it is common to find drinks made with natural fruits.

What are the popular Nicaraguan drinks in Managua?

The typical drinks of the department of Managua are chicha de maíz, pinolillo, barley, cocoa with milk, fresh ginger, chia with tamarind and calala.

What are the popular Nicaraguan drinks in Masaya?

The typical beverages of Masaya include chicha de maíz, ginger, pinolillo, atol de maíz, fresco de cacao con leche, fresco de cebada and other natural fruit drinks.

What are the popular Nicaraguan drinks in Granada, Nicaragua?

The typical drinks of Granada, Nicaragua include the famous Grama fresco, chia with tamarind, cocoa with milk, lemonade with hierba buena, pinolillo and tropical fruit drinks such as melon, pina, watermelon and calala.

What are the popular drinks of Carazo, Nicaragua?

The typical drinks of Carazo are pinol, chicha de maíz, chicha de jengibre and chicha bruja.

What are the popular drinks of Rivas, Nicaragua?

The typical drinks of the department of Rivas include fresh mango, pitahaya, tamarind, as well as chicha, pinol, tiste, tibio and cacao con leche.

What are the popular drinks of Rio San Juan, Nicaragua?

The typical drinks of the department of Rio San Juan of Nicaragua include the iced coconut water, agua de sapo, ginger fresco, chicha de maíz, chicha de coyol, leche con carol, pozol de semilla de almendra and tiste.

What are the popular Nicaraguan drinks in RAAN?

Among the typical drinks of the North Atlantic Autonomous Region (RAAN) of Nicaragua are coconut milk, ginger beer (ginger beer and sorrel wine), guarapo, tualbi, honedrink, ricedrink (fresh rice), pinky pinky, sorrel and milk with carol.

What are the popular Nicaraguan drinks in RAAS, Nicaragua?

Among the typical drinks of the South Atlantic Autonomous Region (RAAS) of Nicaragua are soreil, soda cake, ginger beer, guarapo, honedrink, ricedrink, casaba ducunu, coconut milk, wapi (fresh fermented rice), tish tea (fish tea), misla, ginger tea, lemon tea, soursop, mint, hibiscus, lemon grass tea and guava wine.

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